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Perhaps its because I am blonde, but when I saw the section "his legacy", I was like um, what is that suppose to be?, so I looked at what the site says to put there, stories and poems they wrote, speeches they gave. Well, I have a few cute little poems but nothing that Jared would probably want me posting on his site.  So, I searched the web for the definition of a legacy..ha ha I am such a dork, and this is what I found...Definition of A Legacy ...They provide purpose and dedication.They demonstrate a reason for their existence.The need for their being continued. It seems to me that Jared's existence and purpose here on earth was to bring love and laughter and happiness to the lives of everyone he met.  Which he did very well.  So lets dedicate this page to those who want to share how Jared touched their lives.......I guess I will start.

Much thanks to Chris Miller, I met Jared at my church lock-in. August 15th, 1993.  What can I say, it was love at first sight.  You can ask anyone of my friends, until that point, I wouldn't ever admit that I actually liked BOYS...ewwww.  Something about him was just perfect, and I decided that day that he was the one I wanted to be with forever!  Well, it took me a while to get him...about 5 years!  Boys in Jr. High can be so cruel.  His friends would call me, hey will you go out with Jared, and then they would say haha just kiddin, and hang up on me. Eight grade when I couldn't fit into number 13 anymore, I had to pick a new basketball number so I picked 34 because that was Jared's number.  When it came time for us to play Roxana, I begged my coach to let me switch numbers just for that game, but he wouldn't.  So there I was, warming up and Jared yells from the bleachers...Hey Amy, nice number.  I wanted to die!!   Freshman year, we went and saw Romeo and Juliet with some friends together, I still have that movie stub.  He touched my leg during the movie.....ooooh it was the happiest moment of my life at that point!  So when we actually started dating the beginning of our junior year, I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world, I had everything I ever wanted.  He was my first love, my first everything really!  I have so many wonderful memories with him from that point until now that I could spend the rest of my life typing all of them on this page, if there was enough space to allow.  It was really the simple things that I remember and love the most...riding in his blue firebird, and then the firehawk, ducking as he would try and race everyone we stopped next to at the lights.  When we had pagers and we would page 143242534.  And every morning he would lay on the horn in front of my house on his way to school, until my neighbor complained to my mom that it was waking her up!  How he would call my phone and sing I just called to say I love You!  Laying in bed together day after day just watching TV and hanging out, all of his friends would stop by and we still sat in that bed.  We hardly ever left it.  Unless it was to go eat...at Ponderosa, of all places.  I hated Ponderosa, but we didnt get out much so if we were gonna go eat it had to be Ponderosa because Jared loved the salads, that he piled so disgustingly high with everything on the bar.  Drives behind Belk, holidays with each others families, all the school dances, and that one special night we pretended we were rollie pollies...when we hadn't hung out or seen anyone in days and we sat next to his pool and we wouldn't have cared if we were the only people left on earth that night, we were so in love.  You know, I even miss the million and one arguments we got in over absolutely nothing, slamming doors and leaving and getting half way out the door when I realized that I just couldn't leave and going back and making up.  I swear we broke up and got back together 500 times.  We spent the last of our years together trying to fight fate.  Unfortuantely God had other plans for us, and no matter how hard we tried, or how much we loved each other we just couldn't seem to make it work.  As I sit here and type that, I just have to trust in God that He knows what He is doing, that He has a plan for each of us, and thank Him for giving me the time that I had with Jared and all the great memories. 
Jared~ I'll never forget you, or what we had.  I learned a lot from our love, and I can't wait to see you again. 
Love You Always:)

In Memory of My Friend.... by Ashley Phelan, a very close friend  


No words can ever come close to describing the pain that we all feel in the absence of your physical presence, nor describe the void that has been left since your passing.  Whether it be that goofy cheese smile that could bring an instantaneous smile to any onlookers face, your comedic personality, or silly wisecracks and jokes, you had a way of brightening every life you touched. 


It’s definitely an obstacle to remember a memory of my childhood without you in some manner.  Looking back, I remember how excited I was when you and Jessica moved from the BIG yellow house on Haller to your grandmas so we could spend even more time playing. Riding my bike to your house to play baseball, ping pong, or Mall Madness for countless hours, or calling the weather lady 100 times in one day to see if the temp outside had finally reached the minimum degree your mom set to let us swim so we wouldn’t catch pneumonia---those were the days. Riding our bikes to Farm Fresh with a whole $1 in hand (we thought we were so rich!!) filling up our bags with candy cigarettes, IBC rootbeer (in the brown bottle so it would look like we were drinking beer), Wacky Wafers, Jolly Ranchers, and still having a couple cents left over after tax to buy a couple Tootsie Rolls.  And that of course is how our nicknames originated.


Going to Six Flags and making the music video to “Jump Jump”, you singing “Standing Outside the Fire” in the jr. high talent show, or that silly little dance you guys did at coronation are some of the most unforgettable moments in my life.  In high school, you would always talk about how great the soccer team was even though you guys hardly ever won any games-you always kept your head up. I still laugh at the thought of watching you run up and down the basketball court panting, puffing your cheeks in and out like a fish as you gasped for air.  And of course everyone razzed us about dating people from cross-town schools, but we didn’t care. Then when you first got your Firehawk, you came over and let me take it for a spin, and then laughed because I did so without even killing it!!  Riding in a car with you was always an adventure, doing 150 mph and trying to race everyone—you sure lived life vicariously.


But the thing I remember most about you, is how you made me and everyone else laugh at the stories you would tell because you always had a way of sharing stories that always seemed so unbelievable. As long as I’ve known you, you would always tell the story of how one day it was raining on one side of your house and not the other. If I heard that story once, I heard it a thousand times!  No one ever believed that story. And no one ever believed you when you said you were going to go to law school, or go to Arizona State, or be a model for Abercrombie, etc. And when I found out you were gone, I again didn’t believe you. I didn’t believe your time on earth was done. Yet…………….a few days after your funeral, I woke up in the middle of the night, thinking about you. As I quietly laid awake, I heard the sound of rain outside. As foolish as it seems, it ironically was raining on one side of the house and not the other. As I continued to lie there, I thought my brain was playing tricks on me so I rolled over and closed my eyes. That very second I smelled the sweetest smell~it was the scent of roses~your favorite.  I honestly believe that that was God’s way of letting me know that you were safe, and that while you were no longer physically here, your presence is and still will continue to be felt. 


You have touched so many lives, especially mine and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to have you as such a close friend in life for all those years. I love you and miss you more than words can describe.  I know you have your work cut out for you in heaven, watching over us all, but I can rest assured that you have already made a thousand friends up there and are making them all laugh with every passing moment. Take care good buddy-and when it’s finally time for me to see the big white light, I hope it’s intensified by your gleaming pearly whites flashing me that cheese smile as I arrive.   Love always, Tootsie!

you were an angel Natalie Tyler (good buddy)  
Well, it seems like only yesterday I was sitting in Mrs. Ceci's first grade class. I could have never known at the time, but next to me sat one of the closest friends I would have in my life. He was loud and couldn't sit still! I guess that is why Mrs. Ceci sat us next to one another. We were both full of energy and talked way too much in class. It was the beginning of a long and sometimes argumentative friendship! But I loved every minute of it.

I remember how I always wanted to have a class with Jessica. I never got to be with her except for once. I ALWAYS had class with Jared. From Mrs. Ceci's class until we graduated from high school and then even more out at LCCC. I just couldn't get away. But I didn't want to. Over the years a friend that picked on me non stop became like a brother to me. I would stay all night with Jess almost every weekend, but you didn't just stay with Jess, you stayed with Jared too. Because when you got one of them, you had to get the other. I am so thankful for that. Because of this, a HUGE circle of friendships formed that I thank god for everyday.

Christmas time at the Hawkins's was always the best. Danny and Kathi would decorate early and we loved that. Jared and Jessica always got so many gifts. We would call each other EVERY Christmas morning to tell each other what we got. First Jess would tell me and then she would pass the phone on to Jared. Except for one Christmas! Jared, Jessica, Erik Kern, and myself all stayed at the Hawkins's one night a week or 2 before Christmas. Well, Jared had this wonderful idea that he would ask me to open all of the presents and tell them what they got and then we could just tape the ends back up. Ok ok, so I did! I opened every one of them and told them what they got. The only thing was, Jared forgot to put up the tape and the next morning, it was obvious what we had done. Jared denied the whole thing to Danny and Kathi and said that Jessica knew hers but he didn't know any of his gifts. That was so funny! He was always asking me and every one of Jessica's friends to cover for him for things and of course I did not mind. It was a brother-sister relationship that you just had when you were friends with Jessica. You became one of the family too.

I will never forget the times that I spent over at that house and the memories that we all had together. They will last a lifetime. If I could sit here and write about all of my wonderful memories of Jared, it would take me an eternity. I loved him like a brother and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

I miss you more than you could ever imagine. Things are not the same without you here. There is a void that can't be filled because nobody could ever replace a soul like yours. You were one of a kind buddy and I can't wait to see your big cheesy smile again one day. I know you are in Heaven and I can't wait to see you there!
I love you,
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