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you / Natalie Tyler (forever friend)  Read >>
you / Natalie Tyler (forever friend)
i still feel like you will come back one day. i feel like you will walk in the door one night while we are all out having fun because you always had the most fun. i feel like i will see you driving down the road being a goofball and going way too fast. i feel like i will hear your voice over a crowd of people because you always talked so loud. i have not been able to grasp the reality that you are gone and that you are not coming back. i know you are gone. i know that i will never see you again on earth in this lifetime. i know these things. the thoughts are real but the feelings that go along with them are not. my heart does not want to accept that you are gone yet. i know that is ok. but at the same time, i know i need to begin to feel you aren't going to come back. i miss you so much and i want to see you again. i want to hug you again. i want to hear you again. i miss you jared. i miss you more than i thought i could. but i know you are in a better place. i will accept you are gone and i will let myself begin to feel it soon, i promise. until we meet again...in heaven...i love you, natalie Close
Miss you man / Tyler Bress (Long Friend)  Read >>
Miss you man / Tyler Bress (Long Friend)
Jared I just wanted to say how much I miss u and how much u meant to me...You may not now how much u really meant I looked up to u as a big brother ever since I met u and Justin in the neighborhood when I was in 2nd grade.  Even tho u are gone I know that u are still here with all of us and are lookin over each and every one of your great friends.

We miss you Jared and will never forget you Close
l miss u so  / Jules (friend)  Read >>
l miss u so  / Jules (friend)
I was just browsing the net today and thought id visit you for a moment. I cant begin to tell you how much I miss you. Ill never forget the goofy ass grin you had everytime I saw you. It breaks my heart that ill never see it face to face again. Your an awesome guy even though we didnt get along at first. But after we settled our differences it was all good. I love you J and I miss you more than words can say. But until we meet again ill keep it real. Love jules Close
JAHAWK 1 / Natalie (friend forever)  Read >>
JAHAWK 1 / Natalie (friend forever)
Today, I was driving home from school and it was rainy out. I was looking up to the sky and thinking of you like I usually ALWAYS do. I was listening to the radio and "Live like you were dying" came on. I always love to listen to that because it reminds me of you. And as soon as the main verse started I look in front of me and there is JAHAWK 1. I could not believe it. I think that you are trying to tell us something? Should I follow them down and take those plates for you? haha. Like Karly said before, I am sure that you would have already hunted them down. I smiled so big when I saw that. I miss you so much and when things like this happen, I am rest assured that you ARE in Heaven. So, thank you for getting my attention today. I needed it. Things haven't been so great and I am stressed but when I think of you, I get relief. I know you are watching over me and everyone else that you love. I love you and miss you and I am thinking of you all of the time!

Missing You / Amy   Read >>
Missing You / Amy
Me and Justin watched a video of you yesterday.  It was great.  You were so goofy, and so happy.  I love seeing you that way.  It was from Christmas Eve a few years ago when I bought you that camcorder and you just had to interview everyone, even yourself.  Actually I think you had the camara on you for the most part!!  We miss you so much.  Everyone does.  Things are definetly different without you.  Its hard to understand when things happen like this, and it just seems so unfair.  I know you are happy and in a better place and I guess all we can do here on earth is have FAITH that you are there and we will be there with you one day! 

'Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.' Proverbs 3:5-6

I love You Jared, and you'll always have a special place in my heart.
Love, Amy
miss you!! / Julie Ringering (friend)  Read >>
miss you!! / Julie Ringering (friend)
  i still cant believe that you are no longer physically here with us...but i know you are here watching over everyone! I can't explain how much you are missed. I can remember anytime I was in a bad mood you would tell me to smile because "smiles are free" and smiles are contagious. :) You had the biggest and prettiest smile...you could cheer anyone up and make them smile. Theres not a day that goes by that you are not thought of..you were an awesome guy and loved by everyone. I can't wait to meet you in heaven when its my time.
Love ya,
License Plate / Karly (Sister)  Read >>
License Plate / Karly (Sister)

Today i saw a license plate that read JAHAWK.
I started crying then i just started laughing.
To think you filled out those forms trying to get your license plate to say something to that nature about 100 times.
And JAHAWK must live somewhere around here!
If you would have saw it you probably would have followed the person home and then came back in the middle of the night and stole it.
I was also having a hard day so i also like to think of it as your way of saying dont be sad "I'm still here".
I love you lots and always will!

Thanks and I miss you! / Thomas Goodman (Friend)  Read >>
Thanks and I miss you! / Thomas Goodman (Friend)

 It is so odd to think that you are gone.  I wish I could have been at the funeral but I was gone at school. I wish I could have said good bye. Honestly, I may not have know you as well as everyone else but I know why and how they can feel the way they do because in the short time that I did get to hang out with you, you were truly the life of the party. It makes me sad to think that I won't ever get to party or chill with you again. You were so many things to so many people and you brought something into their lives that most can't compltely find in themselves, which is that you have to live life to the fullest as carefree as possible, even when hard things come your way. All I  have to say is thanks man for everything I learned from you, for the memories, and the good times. I miss ya man!!

Cant believe your gone! / Karly Hawkins (Sister)  Read >>
Cant believe your gone! / Karly Hawkins (Sister)

Everday i wake up and pray that this is just a huge nightmare. But soon i'm faced with the fact that its not, and that you are really gone. I think back to the day before you died and i wish i could do it all again. It was Christian's birthday party and i was so busy. You called and asked if you could come over early. As soon as you got there you couldnt wait for him to open your gifts, you were so proud. I just kept thinking i'm never going to get all of this stuff done in time. You just kept telling me to calm down and that you would help, and you did. You helped make food, but ofcourse you made yourself  a plate which made me so mad, you were supposed to wait unitl the party started. Then when the party was over you were the last to leave. But i still didnt get to spend enough time with you because  of all of the cleaning up. If i could go back i would give you an even bigger hug when you walked through the door, i would let Christian spend hours opening your gift, i would let you eat every single piece of food, and i would never have let you leave to go home. I miss you and i'm so sorry i put the party before you. I know that you are gone and that your not coming back, but i just cant believe it. When i say my brother died it just doesnt seem real. When i hear people talked about brothers i feel like i should leave the conversation because my brother is in heaven not here on earth. I used to think that my heart had been broken before, but now i know that wasnt true. Because now it is smashed and i dont know how to fix it. I have had people tell me that the way i feel isnt healthy, believe me i'm doing ok, but i just miss you. Why cant people understand that. How can someone tell me that i shouldnt be sad anymore. I know that we werent as close as you and Jess, but you are still my brother. I've known you all of my life and loved you all my life. I'm so happy for all the memories that i have of you. And i will never forget them. When i get to heaven the first thing i'm going to do is hug you and tell you i have all the time for you!!!! I miss you so much!!!!
I cant believe that this is for real and that you are gone.
Love you always! - Karly

Just wanted to say hello / Natalie Tyler   Read >>
Just wanted to say hello / Natalie Tyler

Hey Jared

I just want you to know how much I miss you and love you. Things really are not the same without you. There is a piece missing from the puzzle that we are all a part of. You are no longer here with us physically but I know that your spirit is here. There are things that I see, hear, and do that remind me of you. It seems like everyday there is something that happens that makes me realize that you are watching over us all. That makes me smile. It also makes me sad. It makes me sad because I wish that you were here so I could see your smile. I know that I can't dwell on you not being here, although sometimes that is not easy, but we all keep on going. I know that you would keep on! I have you in my heart and I will keep you there forever...we all will. You will keep on forever that way Jared. I love you and miss you more than any words are ever going to be able to describe so I am going to go now. I love you bud!

Natalie Beth

I miss you  / Amy   Read >>
I miss you  / Amy
****Jared** *
Your always with me.  Your in my heart and on my mind. always.  I miss you more and more each day.  Reality is setting in and I am beginning to see that you are not going to be here with us physically any longer.  And that all I have left are memories of you.  And it hurts so bad.  I think about how when we'd break up, it felt like I couldnt breathe, and I didnt know how I would ever survive without you. I thought my life was over and my hopes and dreams of growing old together would never come true. I hated that feeling. It was the worst thing I had ever felt.  Until now.  Because now those fears have become reality and I have to face this world without you.  I know that you would want me to be happy, and I want to make you proud. 
Although just about every song I hear reminds me of you, whether it was one of the many N'Sync songs you used to sing to me while
we were driving, or how you thought you sound just like Usher...those songs make me laugh.  But just about every country love song makes me want to cry.  A cry thats for sadness because you are gone, but happy that I have those memories of you.  And I usually find one and play it over and over til I find a new one.  The songs make me feel connected to you, if only for those few minutes, I feel as if we are singing those songs to each other.  With that said, I will end with the lyrics of my latest song by Mark Wills. 
"When you think of me, remember the way that I used to be.
Remember the times I held you tenderly. Remember the way that I loved you."
Yours always and forever, Amo
Not a day goes by.  / Justin Sandbach (brother)  Read >>
Not a day goes by.  / Justin Sandbach (brother)
  Every second of every minute of every hour throughout the entire day I am thinking of you.  In all the things that I do, in all the places I go, I am thinking of you.  I never thought that I could miss someone so much until now. I can't tell you how much you are truly missed and how hard it is to cope everyday without you to talk too.  You were always the first person I would tell something when I had good news or even bad news.  You were the person I would go to when I needed a second opinion and the person that I would lean on when I needed the help of a best friend.  No matter the situation, big or small, I could look to you for your support.  Even when you didn't agree with me 100% all of the time, I always knew that you had my back.  It seems with every story that I tell and every time I am talking with friends it is always about a time that we shared or something crazy that happened to you and me.  How about the time that You and me and a couple of other friends tried crossing the creek on a pole and you got half way across and fell in.  I have never laughed so hard.  Or how about the time that you pissed my sister off and Ben came down stairs and you dove under the pool table and fake snored like you were sleeping.  I still remember the first day I moved into the subdivision and I was outside and I looked down the street and saw you running as fast as you could.  As you ran by you yelled over to me, "If you see a bunch of guys coming this way, tell them you never saw me go this way."  Sure enough, here came about 10 pissed off guys running down the street.  They stopped to ask me if I saw a kid run by here and gave your description.  I don't know why I did it but I lied for you and told them that you went a totally different way.  That there was the start of the best relationship I would ever have.  I love you so much and miss you more and more each day that passes.  I will see you again in Heaven.

I love you with all of my heart
Love always and forever
your brother and best friend
Justin Morgan Sandbach
I was thinking about all of this tonight.  / LeeAnn (Friend)  Read >>
I was thinking about all of this tonight.  / LeeAnn (Friend)
When I heard this song tonight it made me think of Jared and everyone dealing with all this emotion.  It might not make any sense of all but it made me reflect...

"I've hardly been outside this room in days, 'cause I don't feel that I deserve the sunshine's rays. The darkness helps until the whiskey wears away, And it's then I realize the conscience never fades. When you're young you have this image of your life: That you'll be scrupulous and one day even make a wife. And you make boundaries you'd never dream to cross, And if you happen to you wake completely lost. But I will fight for you, be sure that I will fight until we're the special two once again." ~Missy Higgins Close
cruisn / Daniel Sumner (Friend)  Read >>
cruisn / Daniel Sumner (Friend)
    It was a really nice day out yesterday, and it made me think of times in the summer where i was flying down ninth street, and you were flyin up, and we would just glance at each other and smile.  We all miss and love you very much. Close
Fire and Rain  / Natalie   Read >>
Fire and Rain  / Natalie

"I've seen fire and I've seen rain
I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end
I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that I'd see you again"

Those lyrics remind me of you. I miss you alot and I never thought there would come a day when you would not be here with us. I know you are still with us though and I am reminded of you everyday and I am so glad that I am!

Love you bud-

a book  / AMO   Read >>
a book  / AMO
Jared, I am reading this book called The Five People you Meet in Heaven. As I read it, I wonder who the 5 are in your life, and wonder if you will be one of my 5's, I am sure you would be, and maybe I will be one of yours when I get there.  I mean, I don't know what its like in Heaven for sure, and everyone has their own ideas, but this book brought me comfort not only in terms of where you are, and what's going on, but how I feel about life as well. Ok, well I better go now, I will be thinking of you.
Until We Meet Again.....Love, Amy
Miss you Everyday  / Amanda Hamilton (Friend)  Read >>
Miss you Everyday  / Amanda Hamilton (Friend)
Jared, I miss you more everyday buddy.  I still can't believe that your gone.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I always find myself thinking back about all the good times we had together.  You always getting mad and yelling at me and Jessica.  You were more than a friend to me you were my brother.  I came home for Easter and saw Jayln.  She is getting so big.  And I just kept thinking about how much you loved her.  And how much I wish that you could be here to play with her and Christian.  I just want you to know that I thank god everyday that you came to visit me when you did.  Everytime I think about you running around the mall of America like you had never saw a mall before puts a huge smile on my face.  I am so thankful for all the good memories I have had with you.  And I will see you soon.  Love you Buddy. Close
I miss you more and more everyday!  / Karly Hawkins (sister)  Read >>
I miss you more and more everyday!  / Karly Hawkins (sister)
Jared i miss you more and more everyday. I thought this would get easier with time but i find it just gets harder. You are always in my thoughts. When outside Christian now looks up and says " Uncle Jared is up in the sky", he misses you too. It breaks my heart to see him kick a soccer ball because he's so good and i know you would be so proud. I know you are proud. I love you! Close
A visit from Jared  / Joe Leahan (We lost a daughter)  Read >>
A visit from Jared  / Joe Leahan (We lost a daughter)

Dear Mom and Dad,

I have been trying to get a message to you and my friend, Samantha, suggested that I do it through her Dad. “Oh yeah,” Samantha is a friend up here with me. She was only twenty. We both were assigned important jobs as guardians for our families.

The first thing you should know is that I am OK. So many things that we thought were important like time and money are of no concern here. Also bad things like illnesses, depression, accidents, war, complications of life, which can all be put in one category - the struggles of life, are not here. The only thing that you take with you is the love. It turns out that God is far more loving and forgiving than anyone thought. There are so many here that others said could not come here. Also, don’t let anyone tell you that, “It was God’s will“.

I need your help so that I can help you. I need you to accept my last day as the saddest day of your life. This is important because it opens the possibility that each day thereafter will be a little less sad.

I need you to understand that I will always be with you in your heart and in your thoughts. My spirit is within you, our family, and my friends. And a part of me will always be living through them. When our family comes together, you will surely feel my presence and spirit.

I am sorry that I left you my stuff to deal with. When you are ready, put it into two piles - one for my treasures and the other for everything else. Cherish my treasures. I hope you will find comfort and solace in my gifts to you. Everything else should be given to someone who can use them. I won’t be needing them. I hope my treasures will, in time, will bring a smile to your face and not a tear. If a tear should fall, let it be a refreshing tear or two of love and not a downpour of sadness and sorrow.

My life has meaning. I have an understanding of life and a concern for life far greater than most. And my time with you, my family, and my friends is defined as my lifetime. Remember that without you both, I would not have had even one day. You gave me life and you gave me your life in raising me. Don’t dwell on the circumstances that ended my life. You did your best and the rest was out of your hands.

Dwell on the good times that we had as a family. Remember me often. Do good things in my name. Find a place that we can talk, my room, a tree that you planted in my honor, make it a place that you enjoy. Talk to me and know that I am listening. Let me intercede in your behalf. I can help with having your prayers answered far greater here than I could when I was with you. Remember that I am walking and talking face to face with our Lord. Ask me to help you and I will.

Don’t ask questions that can not be answered. Questions like “Why did this happen to me? Why did it happen to our family? Why can’t I be with you now?“. If you need an answer to a question that can be answered, think about what I would have wanted. The answer will become clear. Don’t rush your life to get here and be with me. Life is short but not here, its infinite. I will be waiting for you, no need to rush. When the time comes, I will meet you at the gates of heaven - “Make Me Proud“!  Make Me Smile, I love to smile"

I will be stopping by for a visit from time to time. Not always as direct as this but maybe in a song, a conversation, a place that I would like, a mystery jolt that prevents you from having an accident, a blossom that appears suddenly, a dream, a rainbow, a shooting star, ... Keep your heart and mind open to these visits.

And finally, you need to know that I love you and I miss you too. There is only one thing more tragic than me no longer being with you and that would be if you missed the rest of your life because of what happened to me.

Sent with all my love!


Friends Forever  / Natalie Tyler (good buddy)  Read >>
Friends Forever  / Natalie Tyler (good buddy)
 Packing up the dreams God planted
In the fertile soil of you
Can't believe the hopes He's granted
Means a chapter in your life is through
But we'll keep you close as always
It won't even seem you've gone
'Cause our hearts in big and small ways
Will keep the love that keeps us strong

And friends are friends forever
If the Lord's the Lord of them
And a friend will not say "never"
'Cause the welcome will not end
Though it's hard to let you go
In the Father's hands we know
That a lifetime's not too long to live as friends. 

I miss you more than you could ever know. I still feel like you are going to show up laughing and smiling playing a silly joke. We all miss you so much. I am so thankful for having known you in my life. You were one of the greatest friends I ever had. We will be friends forever. I love you.
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