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Past Christmas'  / Karly Hawkins-Floyd (Sister)  Read >>
Past Christmas'  / Karly Hawkins-Floyd (Sister)

I thought that this X-mas would be really hard since last X-mas we were all in shock. But it went good. I love to hear stories about you or to talk about you and it seems like that doesnt happen very much anymore. I dont know why, i know they havent forgotten they write on here all the time. I guess this is easier. Anyway X-mas was filled with funny stories all day long. It was started off by Leetis and Jessica, we were opening stockings and they remembered one year you got a pair of sunglasses that were all scratched and chipped. They looked liked they were used and found in the trash. Anyone else would have just said thanks and moved on but oh no not you. You went on and on about the sunglasses all day. Those are the things i love to remember. We all love you and miss you my little brother.

Miss you  / Jessie, Burndog, Jenn, Put Nat, Andrea, Errica, Allison, And Bilfartz (buddies)  Read >>
Miss you  / Jessie, Burndog, Jenn, Put Nat, Andrea, Errica, Allison, And Bilfartz (buddies)

Hi Jared, we are having a "girls" Christmas party tonight.  Watch over us because things could get wild.  Just sitting around talking about old times.  We miss you and love you and wish you a Merry Christmas. 
love the girls

miss you  / Natalie Tyler (friend)  Read >>
miss you  / Natalie Tyler (friend)
a year ago today, my heart broke for the very first time in my life. i never knew what it really felt like to have a broken heart, until i heard that you were gone. i keep you in my thoughts and prayers. thanks for keeping the smile on my face! you were always so good at making everyone laugh and smile! :) i love you, natalie Close
peter pan and happy birthday!  / Natalie Tyler (friend forever )  Read >>
peter pan and happy birthday!  / Natalie Tyler (friend forever )
jared, i woke up this morning from a crying sleep. i had a dream that we all danced for you. your mom had a song playing and asked us all to dance. it was nice but it made me so sad. i miss you so very much jared. nothing that anyone says or does takes away the void that we all feel. there is a special place that you held in my heart. you were such a good friend to me but most of all you were like my second brother. always there when i needed you but also, you were always there to pick on me and make fun of me! ha. i do miss that so much! :) as i started typing this, i was crying some, and then i looked up and saw a peter pan coffee cup on my desk. i got that coffee cup when we were in the play together. we sang a song together and we danced. that is such a wonderful memory i have. in peter pan, the dream is simple...to live everyday like you are a kid again...never let yourself grow up! you had the most fun of anyone i know. in a way, i think you were a little like peter pan! :) i love you and i miss you. i hope that heaven is everything you dreamed it would be. i hope you are living like a kid again! :) natalie Close
Happy Birthday  / Amy   Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Amy
Hi Jared!  I hope you are having a great birthday in Heaven.  This time of year is really hard for a lot of people.  This was the first time in a long long time you werent able to call and wish me a happy birthday.  And it's also the first time I can't call you to do the same.  It's been almost one whole year since you passed.  Sometimes it doesn't seem real.  A lot has happened since you left....I wish you could be here to celebrate all the good times with, and to talk to when something isnt going right.  I miss you a lot.  I am very happy though.  I am sure you know that Travis and I are engaged.  And I hope that you are happy for us!  I was reading Kaci's post before I typed this and I remember that night like it was yesterday.  I also remember our last conversation on Sunday before I went into work at the Franchise.  I am glad we got to have that last talk. Oh how I wish things would have went differently for you!!  I think of you and your family every day.  I pray that they find peace knowing you are safe and happy.  I look forward to seeing you again one day!!!  Keep watching over us all!
Love, Amy Close
Just saying hi  / Kaci Murphy (friend)  Read >>
Just saying hi  / Kaci Murphy (friend)

Jared...I cant believe its been almost a year since you have been gone.The time has went by so fast, but still no one has forgotten about you.  Your one of those people that everyone will never forget, b/c you were such a big part of so many peoples lives.  I was just sitting here reading what everyone has wrote about you, and so many people love you.  I started laughing as I was sitting here, b/c I was thinking about last year when you called Amy and asked if she cared if you came over to watch movies with us, you said your buddy tyler was gonna bring you by.  When you got there you were by yourself, and I asked you where tyler was, I thought he was bringing you over, then you explained to us that tyler was the taxi cab driver that you had become friends with.haha...we all started laughing.  We watched that movie Elf that night and you were immitating him, and acting like you were Buddy the Elf.  That was the last night I saw you, it was like your way of saying goodbye...b/c everytime I think of that night I start laughing, it leaves me with a really good last memory of you. You were one of the best friends I have ever had, and could always put a smile on my face. Im sure so many others feel the same. I miss you soo much...Happy Birthday! Hope Heaven is great, and thanks for being all of our guardian angel!
your friend Kaci

just missing you  / Natalie Tyler (friend)  Read >>
just missing you  / Natalie Tyler (friend)
this past week has been the hardest time for me. it's been almost a year since you left. jessica called me on your birthday last year and asked me to go out with you guys. i didn't go. i stayed in because i did not feel good. i wish everyday that i would have went. i wish i could have said hello to you once more, gave you one last hug and tell you goodbye one last time. i think that if we could all go back in time, we would all do alot of things different. but, since that is not possible, i will try not to have any regrets. i know that you didn't! :) i love you and miss you SO much, natalie Close
It's the time of year when we're reminded to give thanks. Instead of waiting until next year to be reminded, Let's make every day one of thanksgiving; After all, each day is a unique gift. So, give a hug for no reason; Say I love you, just because; Share a smile with a stranger; Take the time to count your blessings; Don't take anything or anyone for granted; And end each day with no regrets. Thank you, my friends and family, For sharing, caring, laughing and crying with me. I'm truly blessed to have each and every one of you in my life And I am thankful you have allowed me To be a part of yours. May you and yours have a safe and memorable Thanksgiving. Close
The Angels May angels rest beside your door, May you hear their voices sing. May you feel their loving care for you, May you hear their peace bells ring. May angels always care for you, And not let you trip and fall, May they bear you up on angel's wings, May they keep you standing tall. May they whisper wisdom in your ear, May they touch you when you need, May they remove from you each trace of fear, May they keep you from feeling greed. May they fill you with their presence, May they show you love untold, May they always stand beside you And make you ever bold. May they teach you what you need to know About life here and here-after. May they fill you always with their love And give you the gift of laughter Close
I love you  / Laurie Martin   Read >>
I love you  / Laurie Martin
jared, not a day goes by without thinking of you at least once.
I miss everything about you, and even though it's almost a year since you have been gone, i still cannot believe you aren't here anymore. I love you my gorilla armed ben affleck. Close
Just thinking of you  / Stephanie Burney (friend)  Read >>
Just thinking of you  / Stephanie Burney (friend)
Jared, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you in some way.  I just really have been thinking about you a lot more than usual the past week.  I guess it is because it has been 1 year since I saw you last and got to actually hang out with you.  I remember the whole night as if it were yesterday.  You just gave me a huge hug and friendly kiss as if you knew it would be the last time that you would see me.  I think it was your own way of telling me goodbye. I am just so glad that you thought of me at that time, you've always been a good friend to me no matter what. I will never forget you Jared. I know your up there looking down on each and every one of us and taking care of us, thank you for that. I can't wait until I see you again someday. I miss you and I love you. Love always, Steph (Burner) Close
Chinese version of Jared & Justin!!  / LInda Sandbach   Read >>
Chinese version of Jared & Justin!!  / LInda Sandbach
Jamie sent this video clip to me with this message:
"Justin's brother?  These are two Chinese Archtecture students. It reminds me of the Chinese version of Justin and Jared, and if you look in the backround, there is the little Chinese Eric Scroggins studying or doing homework like a good kid. Ha Ha!!!"  This clip is hilarious and all I can see are Justin and Jared's faces!  It made me laugh and cry at the same time.  I think you'll see what I mean when you see it!!


who you'd be today...  / Natalie Tyler (Friend)  Read >>
who you'd be today...  / Natalie Tyler (Friend)
wow, i miss you so much!

i was driving to get lunch last week and the new kenny chesney song came on the radio. i sat in the parking lot of taco bell and i cried for you. everything about that song reminded me of you. i often think about what you would be doing on sunny days like today. what you would say the next time i saw you out. what you would be wearing...i wonder so many things. i miss you very much. nothing will ever change that. i dream about you alot and when i wake up, it takes me a minute to remember that you are gone. because when i dream of you, the dreams are so real. when i dream about you, it makes me rest assured that you are peaceful now. and when i wake up and realize you are no longer here, i just look at our picture i have on my night stand and it makes me smile because you are smiling too! it's the most contagious smile. :) i miss you and i just wanted to let you know i am thinking of you...always.

Wedding Rehearsal  / Karly Hawkins (Sister)  Read >>
Wedding Rehearsal  / Karly Hawkins (Sister)
Tonight was my wedding rehearsal, i makes me sad when it should be such a happy time. You should have been there standing up with all the groomsmen. This is so hard because i want you there. I want to get mad at you when you ruin a sentimenal moment because your to busy being goofy. I want to see you pile enough food for 4 people on you plate at the reception, and then go back for seconds. I want to dance with you, i want to see you and Justin do goofy dances. I JUST WANT YOU BACK!  I love you and miss you so much!!!!!! Close
Ethan's first soccer game!  / Linda Sandbach   Read >>
Ethan's first soccer game!  / Linda Sandbach
Saturday, Sept. 17th was Ethan's first soccer game.  Oh, how the memories came flying back!  I haven't been on the soccer sidelines since your senior year.  Of course, it wasn't quite the same as watching you and Justin.  I didn't realize how much I missed seeing you two in action -- dominating the field!  Ethan could sure use you and Justin -- Jimmie said to me "he runs like you!".  I think you get the drift!  But you would have been proud of him anyway -- he did get a foot on the ball.  It's these little things that keep you alive (and smiling!) in my heart! Close
think of ya  / Thomas Goodman (Friend)  Read >>
think of ya  / Thomas Goodman (Friend)
Hey man!! I was just looking at the site for the first time in a while and thought I would say hey. It makes me sad when I look at it and think about how little time I got to spend with you and how you brought everything to life every where you went. I was looking at the pictures and how happy you look in everyone of them and how you were so much to so many. It is sad that you are not here to bring the life to the party and a smile to everyones face. I know your in a better place now and it makes me feel greatful that you are up there watching over all of us. You definitely have taught us to smile often because once you do its a chain reaction and you have taught everyone of to live for the moment. What can I say you were/are one of the greatest people I have known. We all miss ya!!! Close
hey / Natalie Tyler (friend)  Read >>
hey / Natalie Tyler (friend)
hey jared, i just wanted to drop by and tell you how much i miss you. i think about you everyday. i feel like things should be getting easier, but not sure that they are. saturday was jayln's birthday party. she is so adorable. and christian too. gosh, i can't believe that you aren't here to see them grow up. i know that you are watching over them though. they are the most adorable little kids. when they were swimming in the pool i thought about all of the times that me you and jess spent in that pool. we swam all summer long. i think about our childhood alot. we were all so close and the times that i spent with you and jess were the best times! you both were my family. i miss you so much. natalie Close
Thanks Everyone!  / Amy   Read >>
Thanks Everyone!  / Amy
I just wanted to thank everyone for for visiting Jared's site and sharing their memories of him.  Please feel free to scan and email me any pictures that you may have of Jared, so we can add some new ones to the site.  Thanks Again! Close
just missing you  / Natalie Tyler (friend)  Read >>
just missing you  / Natalie Tyler (friend)
i just wanted to stop by here and tell you that i am missing you. there is not a day that goes by that i don't stop and think of you. some days are really hard and other days are good. i'll be missing you forever... natalie Close
I see your smile everyday!  / Linda Sandbach ("another mother" )  Read >>
I see your smile everyday!  / Linda Sandbach ("another mother" )

Beloved boy,
I looked at this site today for the first time in a while.  The pictures are great!  They brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face all at the same time.  I have a picture of you and Justin on my desk -- taken at prom -- I think Justin had just pulled your chair out from underneath you and both of you have huge, goofy grins on your face.  This is how I always picture you.  I look at those smiles several times a day, and I always feel comforted.  Both by the smiles, but also by the fact that I know you're only a breath away.  You were not only my son's best friend, but the closest thing to a brother he's ever had.  Thank you for loving him.  We were blessed to have been part of your life.  Much love, Linda 

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